Welcome to PHTV- Phountain Health's own media station bringing coverage of the entrire Alkaline Community and the many incredible people whose lives have supercharged into the next stage of optimum existence. PHTV (or PhountainTV) is committed to sharing what we do best- share a knowledge, revelations and true-to-life stories about the many modalities of wellness, alternative health solutions and what to do with it.

Starting out as an instructional station for all Phountain detox services, PHTV couldn't help but build MORE to serve our community. PHTV is there at the races to cover some of the most exciting outdoor events and Long Island sports like Event Power triathalons. We also produce some of the most delectible shows are about new recipes for Super Phactor called DELICIOUS DETOXING. We also explore "what's hot and what's not" in wellness products, fitness facilities and services. Even more video programs are dedicated to sharing feel-better ideas around us like Dr. Ackerman's tour of fitness, diets and nutrition starting with "KILL YOUR COFFEE MAKER".

PhountainTV loves to show off topics that can affect your life and the way you see the world around you- and we're here to showcase the ever-growing community of proactive lifestylists who want "mo-better" good stuff for their bodies and their every day. We've got blogsites that bring out the smarts in smart living, a photo showcase of the many faces of Phountain plus the best video segments that gives you a peek at TV the way you like it.

If you have a Phountain story, a recipe, a brow-raising event or a feature idea to add to our community, reach out to us today by emailing our editor at: and we might build a show around it... or at least get a video testimonial for our roving PhountainCam.

Party Central at All Events: Phountain Health sponsors many races, charity events and just about any Long Island gathering that means bringing together people who seek out a better way to run their day. Our events calendar is chock-full of this season's most enjoyable outdoor fun- the kind that we invite everyone to build great memories from. (visit our season's calendar)


Who lost the Green Phactor SCOOPER again?: YouTube is your one social media site that welcomes rants, complaints, problems, and issues (worldwide) with just about any topic. But it's also a great place to give us your testimonial about "life with Phountain". PHTV shows off your views including your dillemma about our easy-to-lose scooper. Email us your testimonial today and you might just get a call from our producer to get your story on PHTV.
COMING SOON: new shows are added to our fall roster. There's no better time to think DETOX, think ENEREGY, FITNESS and complete WELLNESS than now- and PHTV is there to deliver it all to you. Meet Gillian Messina, one of Phountain's most recognized demonstrators of the alkaline lifestyle- sharing you her insights on the many ways to prepare Super Phactor™ and Green Phactor™ (more)

Let your fitness correspondent Nicky Russo of PHTV take you to one of Long Island's most exciting and popular sports event. Get the front-row view of EVENT POWER's dynamic sport series with interviews with some of the runners PLUS featuring Johnny Graziano (founder of the Wildwood Warriors).

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VIDEO 1: MEET SAMMY KUNZ, Phountain Lifestyle Student

Here is just one of thousands of Long Islanders who rave about the Phountain Revolution! Find out what the proactive lifestyle is all about.

More and more people are quitting the coffee addiction by replacing it with the energy driving nutritional superfoods powerhouse of SUPER PHACTOR™. This introduction is a delightful visual tour of the growing society of PHACTOR drinkers who replaces nutrition depleting caffein with 20+ nutritional supplements in one delicious shake!

Don't let the fancy NIKE's fool ya, Patrick Cooley is one of the smartest advisors about diet, nutrition, fitness and workouts you will ever meet on the Island. As a certified Holistic Health Counselor, Patrick brings a dynamic presentation about GREENS, ALKALINITY and A PROACTIVE MINDSET to better nutrition.
Kristina Amato describes her life challenges as a survivor of a traumatic brain injury, her rebirth with Phountain and her personal mission as a caregiver spreading the wealth of a proactive lifestyle.
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