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Starting out as an instructional station for all Phountain detox services, PHTV couldn't help but build MORE to serve our community. PHTV is there at the races to cover some of the most exciting outdoor events and Long Island sports like Event Power triathalons. We also produce some of the most delectible shows are about new recipes for Super Phactor called DELICIOUS DETOXING. We also explore "what's hot and what's not" in wellness products, fitness facilities and services. Even more video programs are dedicated to sharing feel-better ideas around us like Dr. Ackerman's tour of fitness, diets and nutrition starting with "KILL YOUR COFFEE MAKER".

PhountainTV loves to show off topics that can affect your life and the way you see the world around you- and we're here to showcase the ever-growing community of proactive lifestylists who want "mo-better" good stuff for their bodies and their every day. We've got blogsites that bring out the smarts in smart living, a photo showcase of the many faces of Phountain plus the best video segments that gives you a peek at TV the way you like it.

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Meet REAL PEOPLE with REAL STORIES! Their experiences are the inspiration to everyone looking to make that amazing change to the alkaline way!

As a Certified Dietitian Nutritionist in Private Practice, I study and research new claims or treatments for my patients. I recommend pHountain as a regular part of my Nutrition practice at this time because I really believe and have seen for myself the benefits. The free education that they provide is extremely informative, and interesting. The free detox foot bath that goes along with the education is amazing. I would recommend for any adult to go for the education and detox foot bath. I recommend for my patient’s: the alkaline water, the green pHactor, the Super pHactor, the detox foot bath, and the PEMF bed. My husband and I go weekly and enjoy the treatments, and the staff is happy, friendly, supportive, generous, and have become family to us.
Do yourself and your loved one a favor – CHECK IT OUT!!!!

Kristine L. Bach, M.S., R.D.N., C.D.N. (**Photo and interview by: Gillian Messina)


“Wow I am impressed. At first I was skeptical thinking okay yet another hippie type of supplement store that sells magic powders. Boy was I wrong!  From the minute I walked into the store I was greeted with a warm welcome (I mean they actually came up to me and greeted me in person rather than just yelling across the room).  Then without any pressure I was asked what was my interest.  I said this was my first time in the store so really had no idea.  I was given a tour of the store, a presentation about alkaline and a brief overview of all products offered.  Then it happened.  I was introduced to their Superfood product.  It hit me, this Superfood product is all organic super foods that not only will solve my morning breakfast dilemma but if it also helps lower my cholesterol (as I was being told it might when the benefits of this product was described to me) then it is a no brainer.  I am pleased to say I have been using their Superfood product for about three months now and it has made a HUGE difference.  I put a scoop of it in almond milk, add strawberries, blend it, drink it and I am done until early afternoon.  And as far as the claim of lowering cholesterol…YEP it definitely worked.  Just so happens I went into my doctor’s office yesterday to get my quarterly cholesterol panel done and the numbers came back great.  My total cholesterol dropped by about 15 points and all other levels were perfect.  I am a Phountain fan for life.”

David Waldman, CEO The Franchise Maker
--he loved us so much.. he franchised us!

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Let your fitness correspondent Nicky Russo of PHTV take you to one of Long Island's most exciting and popular sports event. Get the front-row view of EVENT POWER's dynamic sport series with interviews with some of the runners PLUS featuring Johnny Graziano (founder of the Wildwood Warriors).
Meet Cheryl Martin, health and fitness entusiast and Phountain detox subscriber from the Huntington Village area. She tours us through her experience with the Detox Foot Bath and her day at with a complete service pack. PLUS, check out Dr. Ackerman's report on his PH Water dispenser for his patients.
More and more people are quitting the coffee addiction by replacing it with the energy driving nutritional superfoods powerhouse of SUPER PHACTOR™. This introduction is a delightful visual tour of the growing society of PHACTOR drinkers who replaces nutrition depleting caffein with 20+ nutritional supplements in one delicious shake!

Don't let the fancy NIKE's fool ya, Patrick Cooley is one of the smartest advisors about diet, nutrition, fitness and workouts you will ever meet on the Island. As a certified Holistic Health Counselor, Patrick brings a dynamic presentation about GREENS, ALKALINITY and A PROACTIVE MINDSET to better nutrition.
Renown author of the global best seller THE PH MIRACLE gifts us with his extensive wisdom about true longevity through alkalinity. Dr. Young speaks at NYC's NewLife Expo 2015 produced and hosted by Mark Becker who himself is a legend in living the right path.

Everyone has the potential of losing weight the right way and getting in shape to become the pillar of health and nutrition you've always dreamed to be. With PhastFit30, you've got the right formula to break through all the excuses and the best people behind you to bring you the smart plan that's right for you. But aside from a fun-filled workout center, PhastFit30 is also the most innovative fusion between nutrition, fitness and regenerative science to bring you a total anti-aging experience! We have combed historical wonders that have proven to develop the body's immune system and restore our ability to rebuild muscular integrity from the wear and tear that occurs in nature.Click here for details!

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